Brought on to create unique and dynamic experiences for the award winning Atavist Magazine and their publishing platform.
VSCO is one of the top 20 most downloaded apps in the world. I was a part of planning the product roadmap and build a new editorial product which became VSCO Originals. I also was in charge of discovery and onboarding as well as consulting on branding and partnerships.
Letter to Jane
Self published Letter to Jane Magazine, one of the first and still to this day most respected magazines for the iPad. Letter to Jane was the first of its kind as an independent magazine for iOS built entirely from the ground up in Apple’s Objective-C language. Currently in its fourth version, Letter to Jane remains one of the premiere editorial experiences on the iOS platform.
My role as Creative Director was to concept and design the look and feel of their publishing platform for iPhone, iPad, and the web. Other duties were working closely with select clients such as The Awl, Maura Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, and Aperture Magazine to create unique digital editorial experiences that help further their brand and meet their internal goals.