A newsletter that delivers one new piece of artwork by PRVCTICE weekly. The concept behind the project is to treat the newsletter as a zine at its most minimal form: publishing original work and nothing else, just the imagery. In a world where email is an ugly word for most I wanted to embrace the medium with nothing but vibrant imagery.
“Nowhere” is a new series I’ve started looking at both personal and private forgotten moments throughout time.
PRVCTICE Mixtape Series
PRVCTICE’s first project was a series of DJ mixes. Each mix included a cover incorporating PRVCTICE’s new geometric logo with imagery that encapsulated the spirit and tone I wanted to set with PRVCTICE.
“CURVE” was a digital zine I made over the summer that had me take a retrospective look at some relationships I had that ended over the past year. I included images of various exes and images from their Tumblrs as well as a couple texts from a breakup. The concept was to visually illustrate that sometimes what you remember of a person is moments and not necessarily the person as they really are.
A selection of commissioned and concept work.